Friday, March 26, 2010

Lucas said WHAT?

Warning - this story might offend you. I wasn't going to post it but I thought it's part of life and some of my viewers would get a kick out of it.

A few nights ago I was getting everything ready for bed and Lucas shocked me once again!
He walked down the hallway into the living room pantless....saying, "doink, doink, doink" as he was flicking his "meat cannon". When I found his diaper it was dry so I'm guessing he just wanted to play. I don't know. Boys are confusing! I have never once found Addison doing anything like this. I have looked online and it says it is totally normal... but it doesn't feel normal! When I told Lucas not to do that he thought it was funny and now it's a game. AHH.... What have other moms done about this?

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