Monday, March 1, 2010

They said WHAT?

me- Lucas where did you get these looonnnggg legs? (taking his pants off to change his diaper)
Lucas - my daddy... his name is long leg daddy kyle!

Every time we go shopping the kids get a toy or candy if they were good at the store. On our last trip out the kids got to pick what candy they wanted. Lucas picked the normal M&Ms and Addison picked some weird juice gel stuff. It looked gross but it was what she wanted! When we were in the car I opened the kids candy. Lucas was eating his saying, "yummmm." Addison's response was a little different! After her first drink she said, "YUCK! This tastes like cardboard!" hahahaha

Later on I told Addison to tell Aunt Stephie what it was like and she said it tasted like wood!

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