Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What a morning...

What a morning I've had...

Addison came into my bedroom and told me that she peed in the bed. She has had this problem where she says she peed in her underwear or bed and nothing is there. Well, I had to change the sheets for her even thought there was no pee on the bed. If I didn't I would have had to hear her crying about it for hours.

After that the kids wanted their morning cups of chocolate milk and Owen wanted his formula. I went into the kitchen got two cups and a bottle... made Owen's bottle... got the milk and poured it into the cups... got the chocolate syrup and poured it into all 3. WHAT? tired mommy!! I let Owen try it... he didn't get much because I realized what I was doing as I was pouring it.

We all came back into my room and got on the bed to watch TV. I was changing Owen's diaper (Lucas was next) and heard Lucas say, "I'm peeing." I was sort of pissed that he didn't go to the potty but too tired to really care. He was still in his night time diaper so of course he peed through the diaper and all over my bed. I'm so happy that I have a liner on my bed because of this!!

Now I'm wide awake and my kids want to relax in bed.

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