Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kids update

It's been awhile since I have updated on my little monsters. I haven't had any good ideas to write about so this is perfect. I can go on and on about my 3.

Addison- I can't believe how big she is now. She's my talker. She will go on and on about anything and everything! She loves making up scary stories and trying to scare me with them. She knows I get scared watching Scooby Doo, so it's not hard to scare me! :-) Some of her stories go like this....

One dark spooky night there were kids playing in the dark woods. You could see the scary moon in the sky and BATS (her yelling that part) flying. Then a scary monster took the kids into a dark spooky cave. Then Shaggy and Scooby went into the cave and saved them. Then they all went out for pizza! :-)

I think she likes adding the words dark, spooky and scary to EVERY story. Maybe it makes it scarier! She has such a crazy imagination. I always get a kick out of everything she tells me. Kyle and I are amazed by her memory. She'll remind me something that happened months ago. I can't believe she is a little person now. What happened to my baby who couldn't say a sentence?

Some of Addison's favorite things right now are - movies, playing vet & school and her dollhouse. She could watch movies all day long and be so happy. She is definitely a mommas girl. She wants to do everything with me... even if it's just running into the gas station to pay for gas.

This past year she has been in preschool and has loved it. Of course she has those days where she doesn't want to go... but who doesn't have those days? Right now they are learning about letters. On every paper, sign, box... she wants to know all the letters. This gets very frustrating when I read my mail.

In less than 2 months she will be 4... wow...

Lucas- Most days I feel like I'm raising Kyle as a kid. Lucas acts EXACTLY like him. He adores his daddy and wants to do every little thing just like daddy. It's cute most of the time but sometimes it drives me crazy. Example - meat cannon story. He has been doing this really cute thing lately. If I go up to Kyle and hug him, Lucas will run up to Kyle and push me away and say, "my daddy, get out of here mom."

Some of Lucas' favorite things - Mario (Wii), batcave, fighting, playing fireman or vet. Lucas can beat the first level of Super Mario Bros with little help. This amazes me because he is only 2. We just got a XBOX 360 and Batman came with that. I'm excited to see Lucas' play that one. It looks a lot harder but he'll get the hang of it.

Something that I LOVE that he's been doing lately is holding hands. He comes up to me constantly wanting to hold my hand. He'll say, "mommy hold my hand." aww... doesn't that just melt your heart? For Valentine's Day one of his gifts was a book called, Momma, Hold my hand. PERFECT.

I can't believe he is talking a ton now. I always thought he'd be my quiet one.

Owen- my baby is now 8 months old. It doesn't seem like that is possible. I remember being in the NICU terrified with no sleep in DAYS. That seems like yesterday. He is now huge and so much fun. Owen is my happiest baby by far. The first 3 months of his life were hard but after that it has been so easy. He is such a laid back baby. All he wants to do is watch Addison and Lucas or stand up. He lays in his crib with no problem at all, does great with eating - what else could I ask for?!?!

Last weekend we went to JCP for family pictures and he was the only kid who didn't have a meltdown! He smiled for every picture and didn't cry once. I thought he'd be the one with the meltdown!

He doesn't have any favorites yet. He loves anything that he can chew on but that's about it. He does have some favorite chew toys - books, Barbie legs (he always finds them but I take them away), action figures and my cell phone! I have found him with dog toys a few times also.

Before I know it he'll be running around and playing with the big kids. It's hard to believe.

Well, that's my update! Hope you enjoyed it!

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