Monday, April 12, 2010

The computer smells....

Well I'm finally getting around to blogging again. Last week I lost my voice for a few days and then I had to plan for the kids birthday parties. It was a very busy week. Today I feel better and the house is almost back to normal from 2 birthday parties.

Last Thursday we had something scary happen. Lucas peed on the computer. The pee was actually inside by the motherboard, video card, memory and dripped down on the floor. How did he not get electrocuted? When I noticed it I moved Lucas real quick and unplugged everything but the pee was already way in there.

okay, here's the story...

It was when we first got up and I was changing Owen's wet bedtime diaper and Lucas was next. As soon as I put Owen's clothes back on I heard Lucas say, "I'm peeing." He was sitting on Kyle's computer, the case part, and was peeing through the diaper. Since it was his bedtime diaper it was totally full so the pee just leaked out. The screen went fuzzy then the computer shutdown.

Last year Kyle made an amazing computer for us and spent a fortune on it. I was terrified to call him and tell him about what happened. When I told him he sounded like he just lost his best friend. His voice got all sad and he didn't say much. I know it had to tell him being away from the computer all day at work.

Well I opened the computer up so it could dry and it REEKED. I didn't know what I could wipe dry or not so I just let it air dry. When Kyle got home he looked at it and so far the only thing broke is the blue lights from the fans. THANK GOODNESS!! Luckily, I think those are the cheapest things to replace!!

SO, Lucas didn't purposely pee on the computer.... but it was still a hard day.

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