Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

I had such a great Mother's Day! My morning started with the hubs making me some of his fabulous pancakes in bed. YUM!! Then we got ready and went shopping. The kids were being very good.... NOT NORMAL! After shopping we stopped by Fannie Mae to get some delicious truffles then we headed to the zoo. We met my parents and siblings there; I can not remember the last time we were ALL at the zoo together. We had a great time! The zoo had a white baby Bengal tiger. IT WAS ADORABLE! Too bad tigers are not nice... how fun would it be to own one? Today I binged white baby Bengal tiger and found a crazy blog about one. Can you imagine swimming and seeing a huge tiger? AHHHH...... After the zoo we all went to eat at Texas Corral. I was not happy about my meal but it was fun enjoying the time with my family. Addison got a buckaroo steak and loved it! She gets so excited when she hears that she can have a steak. :-) After we eat we departed from my parents and siblings and went to the beach. It was only 50 some degree's but we wanted to walk along the beach. Owen decided to pee through his diaper so the beach trip didn't last very long. :-) Once we got home it was a very nice and relaxing evening. The night even ended with the hubs rubbing my feet! What a great mother's day!

Washington Park Zoo - We give it 3 stars! It is small but awesome to take small kids to. We live by it so we go a few times a month!!

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