Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Quiz for Addison & Lucas

Addison - 4 years 1 month old

- Addison, with an A
Age - 4 fingers up
Live - points to the bedroom - Westville
Job - feeding cats
How many cats - 5, no all of them
Favorite movie - Princess & the Frog
Favorite Show - Scooby Doo
Favorite Toy - Cat- Nermal the cutest cat
Favorite Activity - going to the zoo
Favorite Color - green
What does daddy do? work. he works in the basement. He hammers and saws. OH OH, he has a work job also. A computer place job. He makes lots of money.
What does mommy do? clean up
What is summer? a season where the sun is in the sky.
How often do you need a bath? Only when I play in the sandbox
What is 1 + 1? Pony !?!?! no idea....
Say your ABC's... ABCDEPGCDMNBOQSTGEZ.... did I do it?
Can you spell your name? ADD uh... up and down letter... :-( started crying. she does know how to write it.
Does Uncle Joe play baseball? Yep! He's good! His friends are his #1 fans.
Do you want to play baseball one day? NOWAY... that's a boy thing. I am a girl mom!
Favorite animal - Elephant
Do you like Zoe? NO.. she eats my toys. I want a baby fish like Katie. I want to call him Nermal the cutest fish. hahahaha
What do you want to do this summer? Play on a slide
Addison, "I'm tired... bye."

Lucas - 3 years 1 month old

Name - Lucas Marie :-)
That's not your name... it's Lucas Stephen.
okay, Lucas Steve :-)
Age - 3 fingers :-D
Live - Here. In the doors & windows :-) Westfield
Job - save people :-)
Favorite movie - Robots... like daddy. Bumblebee :-)
Favorite show - Diego :-)
Favorite color - bumblebee.... yellow :-)
Favorite toy - Robin :-)
Lucas, "Bumblebee fights". Addison, "he gets hurt when he fights those airplane guys". Lucas, "ya, but he wins. bumblebee is AWESOME." :-)
Lucas, "I like to spin around. That's my job." :-D
Do you like Zoe? LOOOOVEEE Zoe. :-D
Favorite animal - big neck giraffes. :-)
How did you grow into a big boy? Eat all my food. no steak. sissy eats all the steak
When are you going to go in the potty? I tried it last week. :-)
When are you going to stop wearing diapers? last week :-)
Did you poop in your diaper today? yes :-)
Lucas, "I like guns". he started shooting me then....

The :-) are all the times he smiled after answering! He's a happy guy!

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