Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Brookfield Zoo & Field Museum

This was our day at the zoo! :-D

Owen was HORRIBLE on the train. He wanted to play the whole 2 hours. He got motion sickness and puked on Kyle twice. On the way home we had to stand 1/2 the time.
We won't be riding the train for awhile! :-D

Have you seen one of these? How awesome... You can order your whole families drink and then end your order on your credit/debt card!!!!

Addison, "Mommy, they sleep in bunk beds!!"

Addison, "Owen's nose is bigger than his!"

Sue, the dinosaur, the largest and most complete T-Rex in the world.

My boys only wanted to push the buttons... when we walked away from them Owen SCREAMED. I'm sure everyone loved looking at the exhibits with us!

Brookfield Zoo - It is very big and hard to walk through the whole place with small kids. Four stars for big kids or adults and 2 stars for toddlers!
Field Museum - My kids can't wait to go back! 4 stars!

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