Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our Trampoline

In June we ordered a trampoline from It took 3 weeks to ship it to us. When we received the trampoline we were so tired of waiting that we started putting it together right away. As we were ready to do the last step we realized that we were missing the part. NOOOOOOOO.....

I can't just call walmart... that would be too easy! I have to call the manufacturer of the trampoline who is only open Mon-Fri 8-5 Mountain Time!

When I called the place told me that they would ship it out right away and sorry. Okay... no problem. My family always runs into these problems so I'm use to it by now.

One week went by... two weeks... now I am pissed!! It's been 5 weeks since I ordered
my trampoline and we still can't jump on it. I had to call the place again.

Trampoline Place - Hi Miss Sonaty, How can I help you today?

Me - I was calling to check on a part that was shipped to me.

Trampoline Place - Yes, I see what you ordered... let me check. Please hold.

holding, holding, holding, holding..............................

Trampoline Place - Sorry that piece is on back order. There is around a 6 week wait.

Me - EXCUSE ME??????????? NOOOO....

That is how it really went... Bull isn't it? I ordered a trampoline that I couldn't use...

I ended up talking to a manager and she sent it within 3 days.

My kids LOVE our trampoline. I think they spend 1-2 hours on it a day. This was a GREAT buy that we can all use!!

*Addison likes making sure that all of the bird poop is gone before she jumps*

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