Wednesday, August 25, 2010

said WHAT?

This is confusing... but funny....

Addison - Mom, can we play with scissors and glue?

Me - No, I'm cleaning... maybe later.

(Addison & Lucas in the hallway whispering)
Addison - Go ask mommy if we can play with scissors and glue.
Lucas - okay

(Lucas & I in the kitchen)
Lucas - we play with glue?
Me - No, I said maybe later.

(Lucas & Addison in the hallway)
Lucas - Mommy said no... crying...
Addison - I figured that, you are not the favorite. Let's have Owen ask.

Owen walked in the kitchen... Addison and Lucas were hiding behind him.
Owen looked at me... mouth shut and a little girl voice said, "can we play with glue? " Addison likes to pretend that Owen is talking but she just talks for him.

by this time I was finished cleaning...

I said SURE!

Addison's mouth dropped... she started crying and ran to her bedroom. WHAT? She's the main one who wanted to play with glue and scissors.

When I went into her room she screamed, "Get out... go play with Owen. He's your favorite. You do anything for him."


1. I do not have a favorite...
2. Addison goes EVERY WHERE with me....
3. Why would she even think I have a favorite?

Addison refuses to play with glue and scissors now... I swear, my 4 year old is really 16.

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