Thursday, May 12, 2011


It's time for my little Addison to start school. Yesterday we got to go to the school and meet the teachers. Addison was so excited. Once we were inside the school it all sunk in and she started crying. I wasn't expecting her to cry so I lost it. Don't worry... I kept it hidden from her. She said she wanted to live with me forever. She even said she can do more chores at home if I don't send her to school. Do you know how tempting this is? I would love her to be home with me forever!! After a little while at school Addison relaxed and enjoyed herself. Before we left the kids got to go play on the playground while the parents had a meeting. It made me sad that she was playing with the kids she'll grow up with for the next 13 years. When we left I asked her who she played with. Of course, she said Katie! I then asked why she didn't play with anyone else. She told me that a few girls wanted to play with them but they weren't part of the club. I had to explain that it's good to have a lot of friends. One day Katie might be home sick and Addison won't have anyone to play with. She didn't like my idea... I guess she would rather have 1 best friend than a bunch of good friends!

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