Monday, March 28, 2011

Lucas & the bead

Do you remember my story about Addison and the bead? Well, it happened again... with Lucas.

Lucas walked up to me very calmly and told me there was a bead up his nose. I tried not to panic but it's pretty hard to do when it comes to my kids. The first time I looked up his nose the bead was pretty easy to see. It was pretty far up his nose but I could see it! I got a tissue and told him to blow his nose.... that's where it went wrong. Instead of blowing it out, he sniffed it up. At this point I was screaming for Kyle because I could no longer see the bead. Lucas was telling me that it hurt so that did not help at all.

We got everyone in the car and rushed to the ER. It took 25 minutes to get checked in. While we were waiting Owen was a maniac. Screaming at every ball and train he could see. He even fell off a chair and was crying very loud. The waiting room was real happy when my father in-law came to get him and Addison! :-) It then took another 20 minutes to get into a room. The nurse told me to go to room 10 and she'd be in within a few minutes. That didn't happen... nobody came to check on him or ask how he was doing for 2 hours. One nurse did walk by and ask why he put a bead in his nose. 95% of the time we saw the nurses and Dr's talking and eating lunch... so it didn't look like there was an "emergency". Lucas had started sneezing a bunch... maybe 5-6 times real close together and then the Dr. came in. Within 3 minutes the Dr. said hi, asked what happened, looked in his nose, got the bead and was out of the room. So, I panicked for nothing...

The Dr. asked if I wanted the bead and I almost said yes.... just so I could get a picture. :-)

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