Friday, October 21, 2011

Coming soon to DVD

Last night Lucas did and said some of the cutest things possible. He amazes me everyday with what he picks up.


Kyle and I were sitting on the couch talking and all of the sudden Lucas comes in with a piece of paper. He said he had a movie to put in for us and put it on the table (Addison's princess table was in the middle of the living room.... no idea why). He went around the room pushing pretend buttons then. As he was walking away he told us that it was coming soon on DVD & Netflix! We laughed and laughed and then we were ready for another movie. Lucas brought another movie and said that K.E.O...something... - his sisters brothers neighbors best friend wrote it! Since he was getting a lot of attention over the movies Addison & Owen joined in. OHHH....

earlier that night Owen picked up a hot glue gun - we didn't know he plugged it in... so he had a burn on his little hand. I put burn ointment on it and put a sock on his hand so he wouldn't wipe the ointment off. So Mr. O was doing this with 1 handed... he was very careful not to touch anything with his sock hand.

Anyways... back to my story!

I asked Lucas if he had any Vampire movies - he got real excited and said he had a scary one. I told him I preferred romantic vampire movies and he said no... just scary. Then he came in the room with a piece of paper with a bat on it. :-) As we were watching I screamed and told him I didn't like it... it was too scary. He then made in X on it because I didn't like that one and he didn't want me to watch it again!

So cute!

Addison made movies all about letters & summer fun!! Owen even made a movie about a spooky ghost!

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