Friday, October 21, 2011


I forgot to post our Indy Children's Museum visit!!

I hated it! :-)

The few things we enjoyed was the Barbie & Diego sections and seeing Bumblebee!

Now... let me explain why.

The museum had a LOT of imaginative play. My kids don't do great with that with other people around. My kids are very shy. So instead of playing we just walked by it all and watched others play. Plus it was very crowded.... noway would my kids ever push their way through to play with something.

Addison did play at Barbie Fashion Experience. We had a lot of fun answering phone calls and taking care of Barbie's business calls! :-) Addison even liked making a dress for Barbie!

Lucas loved the Dora & Diego area. I can't find it on their site anymore so I bet it's not there. It was a lot of interacting with different things but Lucas loved it. He was real big into Diego at this time so that helped!

The only other thing that we LOVED was seeing Bumblebee. The day we went was the day they unveiled him to the public. Perfect! We had no idea this was happening so it was a great surprise!! *My bumblebee picture isn't uploading.... I'll add it later.

For my family I would give this museum 2 stars but for other families I would give it 5 stars. There was tons to do!

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