Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Memories that will last forever!

Today is my hub's birthday... everyone make sure to wish him a happy birthday!!


Today my boys and I are cleaning for Kyle's birthday dinner tonight.  Well, I am cleaning and they are making more for me to clean.  I got so tired of cleaning so I turned pandora on really loud, Pitbull station & danced with the boys.  Dancing with my kids is a memory I will never forget.  We have so much fun and just go crazy.  Today Lucas made a new dance move to show daddy.  :-)  It's a special birthday present he said!!

It's so easy to go on with the day to day chores and forget to have fun.  It's sad... I wish I could just have fun with my family every second of the day.  Tonight when all of our family is here I'm going to try to make it so much fun where none of us forget this birthday!!  hmmm... now what can we do?

I think you should turn your music up real loud and dance right now!!  Go for it!!!

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