Monday, January 16, 2012


My life is a mess!  I have about 20 different spots for everything in my house.  When I need neosporin I have to go on a hunt.... when I need kid fingernail clippers it takes 10 minutes.  There are certain things I'm very organized with but I need everything to be.  With my kids rooms I try to be very organized.  Everything has 1 spot that it SHOULD be in every night.  This doesn't happen every night but we try.  Lucas is AWESOME with it.    Addison.... she is the most unorganized person I know.  She always knows where everything is but it is in no order at all.  Today I went into her room to put a DVD away and I saw something pretty interesting.  All of her DVDs were very organized.  Her movies are her favorite.

People movies

Her first row of movies was ones with people in them.  These are some of her favorites!  Notice 3 of Dwayne Johnson movies next to each other?  The Game Plan, Race to Witch Mountain & Tooth Fairy!  Ha...  He is a great actor!!

I think she watches Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 three times a week!  We don't have the first one but I don't think she really liked it. 

The second row was all scary movies!  They were mostly Scooby movies but Casper was in there also!
Scary movies

Next we have princess movies!  Addison never watches these but she will watch the Barbie movies!  I think I want her to watch these so I just buy them.  :-)  Beauty & the Beast is amazing - how can she not love it?

Last - tv shows!   These movies she rarely watches. 

Now if I could just get her to those organizational skills with the rest of her room!  

I have been trying to make 1 place for everything in my house... it is very hard!  My first task - medicine type stuff.  Most of this is in 2 cabinets but you have to dig through it all to find what you want.  When you have a headache you don't want to search for pain relievers!  When I start this I will take a before & after picture!  

My boys are trying to pick Zoe's nose so I must end this!  :-) See ya!


  1. LOL, that is so funny! I like Dwayne Johnson, too! *I don't know why she doesn't like the Dr. Suess videos, though! ;)

  2. :-) She is a goofy one!! She told me that Dwayne Johnson is "dreamy". HAHAHAHA!! She loves Dr. Seuss books but isn't into that movie! idk!