Friday, January 4, 2013

Ozer Dozer goes to the ER

My tough guy had an accident.  :-( 

It was bedtime and Owen wanted to sleep with Addison.  Owen wanted to sleep on the top bunk so we said okay.  As soon as he fell asleep we would put him on the bottom bunk.  I am not ready for him to sleep on the top bunk! 

Twenty minutes went by and we heard a loud boom followed by Addison running out.  Owen fell!  A small little bump but he was okay.  He said he was "ruff tuff stuff"!  We told him to be careful and get to bed.  Not even 5 minutes later it happened again.  This time Owen was crying and it wasn't just a little bump. 

I rushed Owen to the ER.  I was terrified.  It was way past bedtime and Owen kept falling asleep in the car.  We get rushed into a room and looked at right away.  Owen was telling everyone that he was okay just tired.  Oh... he was telling everyone that he was going to get a new Skylander after this trip also.  One like Uncle Keith!  The Dr. said he needed a CT scan and stitches.  After waiting awhile Owen fell asleep.  That was good because he slept through his CT scan!  He would not have liked that!  CT came back perfect!  Next came the stitches.  The nurses wrapped Owen up like a mummy with a sheet.  He had just got woken up and had no idea what was going on.  They then  put something over his face and started the stitches.  Two nurses were holding Owen down.  He was SCREAMING at them to get off of him.  They were smashing him!  :-)  He didn't complain about 5 shots into his forehead (numbing) or the stitches.... he just hated people on him.   The Dr. wanted me to talk to him and calm him down.  HA... You can't calm down Owen when he is mad.  He has a horrible temper.  I kept talking about Skylanders to him and he was screaming at me.  He did not like people holding him down.  After it was done he said he wanted more Skylanders because those people hurt his arm.  :-)  I really think he would have been okay with it all if nobody was laying on him. 

When we left the hospital I took him to Walmart.  It was late - 11pmish.  We bought 3 Skylanders, Lego sticker book and some cool new bandaids!  As soon as we got home he HAD to play with the new Skylanders.
I had Owen show me how he fell. ha... I think he fell from the 2nd step of the ladder and just landed bad on a toy.  So hopefully it was just a few feet up.

Today he was proud to tell his sister and brother about his trip.  He is the first kid to get stitches so it's awesome in our house.  Yikes.....

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