Monday, June 24, 2013

Life is changing oh so fast!

I've been slacking again!  No new post in months! I do have a valid reason why I haven't wrote anything in awhile!  :-)  I now have a job!

Back in March I started real estate school.  I went Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 6-9pm.  The class wasn't bad at all!  I had a great teacher, Mr. Tim McColly!  The classes usually got out early and I was almost always home before 9pm.  The hardest part for me was being away from my family for so long. Since I've had kids I haven't worked.  They got to hang out with daddy while I was gone but everyone missed me.  Some mornings the kids would cry and say that they didn't need more toys so there was no need for me to work.  That made going to class so hard! 

My last day of class was the end of April!  I passed the course and was able to take the state test!  How scary!  I had so many emotions going on.  I'm the one who wanted to start working but I also was scared to start working again.  My daily conversations have been with little kids for the last 7 years old.  I wasn't even sure if I knew how to talk to adults anymore!! 

Well, I passed my state test and started working in May!  I am now working with McColly Real Estate.  Make sure and check out my website. 

I haven't listed a house yet, so help me out!  :-P  Sell your house!!

Being around adults isn't as bad as I thought!  It is nice having adult conversations and not needing to scream 3-2-1 every few minutes!  I've worked it out where I'm not away from my kids a ton so they haven't been missing me like they were with school! 

It's summer break so my family is trying to get in as much family time as we can before school starts back up.  There hasn't been many good outside days so far so we've been stuck inside most of break so far.  A list of fun things we've done so far:
  • Went to Kings Island for Owen's 4th Birthday!  We had a blast!!
  • Caught up on Netflix!  One of the kids new favorites is Vampire Dog
  • Played every board game we own.  Lucas is the king of Sorry!!  Addison will no longer play with him.
  • Went to the zoo with some friends!  Lucas faced one of his fears - heights.  He is no longer afraid of them!
  • 3 pool days!  Day 1- in regular clothes at grandpas house. Day 2- at a friends house.  Beautiful day!  Day 3- at my parents.  Water was freezing.... just got filled up with the hose!
  • 3 Birthdays!  Owen, Fiona & ME!!  Lots of cake!!  Amazing family memories!
  • Father's Day Weekend - My dad put us to work!  :-)  yard work, putting new pool liner in, putting together 3 grills! 
So, we've been busy!  The kids are begging for a day to sit at home and do nothing! 

Today is actually my birthday.  I have a work event early in the morning so my mom took all the kids home with her.  I guess that's why I'm relaxed enough to sit and write! 

Kyle and I got bikes for Father's Day & my birthday!!  It's 9:45pm and we just got in from a bike ride.  Ouch!!  I haven't really rode a bike since I was little. 


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