Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Ugly Duckling

Every night my kids get nightly reading from school.  Lucas' books are short and Addison's are kinda long.  Every once in awhile they will have a play in the back of the book.  I remember in school I would always sneak ahead and see who had the shortest part and then I'd try to be that person!!  I hated reading then.

Well, on Tuesday Addison had a play for nightly reading.  The Ugly Duckling!  We split the parts up between Kyle, Addison, Lucas and myself.  Addison picked the Swans, who also had the smallest part!  :-) I think it was 1 line!  hmmmm... it was her nightly reading!!  As Lucas was reading he came to the word "ugly".  His eyes got real big and he covered his mouth with his hands.  He said, "I can't say that, it's a bad word."  Aww... I love him!  We told him he could say it because it's part of the book.  He had a real hard time but he said it.  You could tell he felt bad calling this little duckling in the book ugly. 

The next day Addison was sick and didn't go to school.  That night we read the same book.  This time I made Addison be the Narrator & Swans!  Lucas had the same  part!  The kids loved hearing their goofy daddy be Mother Duck & The Ugly Duckling.  He changed his voice for each  part and the kids loved it.  When Lucas came to the word "ugly" he did the same thing as the night before.  Big eyes and covered his mouth.  Such a sweet boy!!

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