Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My daughter, the shopaholic!

Have I mentioned that my daughter loves to shop?  Well, she does!!  Everything is so beautiful and would be perfect in our house according to her.  I try to not take her shopping with me anymore because the two of us together is trouble! 

Well, shopping from TV seems amazing to Addison. She LOVES infomercials and gets mad at me when I fast forward through them.  Good thing she has never seen a shopping channel!!!

A couple of Addison's favorites that she is begging for:
  • WaxVac
  • Hanger Cascade's
  • Every Pillow Pet type stuffed animal - Seat Pets, Happy Nappers, Tummy Stuffer, Dream Lites, Wuggle Pets,
  • Slushy Magic
  • Ice Cream Magic
  • Shake Weight
  • Pajama Jeans
  • Hot Buns
  • Perfect Brownie Pan
  • Gyro Bowl
Those were a few she could think of!  I love when she sees a new one.  She will run to me screaming that we have to call now.  It's ONLY 19.99 while supplies last! 

Owen has even started watching them.  He always tells me that we have to go to the dot com to order Dream Lites! 

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