Monday, April 21, 2014

Bubble bath recipe

Owen loves bath time.  Some days he plays with toys, other days he just floats and relaxes!  Tonight was a night where he just wanted to float!  I filled up my bathtub and he jumped in!  Owen is almost 5 now, so when he takes a bath I clean my room or do something close by.  Always listening and constantly checking on him.

I was sorting laundry and heard Owen screaming, "Ouch, ouch, it burns!!"  I instantly ran to the bathroom.  BUBBLES EVERYWHERE!!  He had Kyle's Old Spice body wash and made bubbles with it!  An entire bottle poured into the tub!  He looked like Santa Claus with bubbles all over his face!  First thing I did was get the bubbles off his face and helped his eyes.  After he wasn't in pain anymore I sat back and laughed!  Of course I had to show Kyle also!  He wasn't so happy.  Tomorrow he will be smelling like peaches because he no longer has any body wash!  :-) 

My conversation with Mr. O as we were draining all the bubbles.

Me - What were you thinking you silly head?
O - I wanted to make a new bubble bath recipe.  I also used Addison's Glamberry soap.  Don't tell.
Me - ha, Did you put it in your hair too?
O - Yeah, I wanted to be so fresh and so clean.
Me - All you had to do is tell mommy you wanted bubbles.  I could have gave you safe bubbles that don't hurt your eyes.
O - Mom, I'm not a kid.  I can make my own bubbles.  hehe.... when I fart it makes bubbles.  That's cool, right mom?
Me - oh geez....

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