Sunday, July 23, 2017

Roller Blades

My kids are always very active.  This year we decided to go with roller blades for birthdays.  I didn't like any in the store so we went to Amazon and found the perfect skates for all 3 kiddos.  I would recommend these skates to anyone.  Great buy and worth every cent!

Addison, 11 years old, had the first birthday.  I went with the best reviews on Amazon and ordered from there.  Roller Derby Women's V-Tech 500 Button Adjustable Inline Skates were the winner.  They fit sizes 6-9 and are adjustable.  Addison wears a women's size 8 shoe. 
Lucas, 10 years old,  really wanted an orange pair of roller blades, of course.  I couldn't find any orange ones that I liked, that were under $60.  We decided to go with the same brand as Addison's since we loved hers.  I was shocked that they were only $31.19 on sale.  Normally they are $56.99. AWESOME.  They are the Roller Derby Boy's V-Tech 500 Button Adjustable Inline Skates.  They fit sizes 6-9 and adjustable for those sizes.  Lucas is a size 6 and they are perfect.
Owen, 8 years old, had to have the same kind as Lucas.  We went with a different color so we could tell them apart.   Roller Derby Boy's V-Tech 500 Button Adjustable Inline Skate's were the perfect choice.  Only $49.18 and they were a prime item.  Got them in 2 days!  Owen wears a size 5 in boys shoes and these fit great.  The size on the skates are 6-9 and they are adjustable. 

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