Sunday, July 23, 2017

5 months of Eat, Sleep, Baseball

This year all 3 of our kiddos played softball/baseball again.  Kyle decided to be head coach to Luke's team and assistant coach to Owen's team.  What this really means is that I wouldn't see my husband for a couple months.  Sitting alone at practices and games.  Very lonely.  :-)  Thank goodness for awesome moms to visit with that are also alone since their husbands are coaching also.

All 3 kids had a great season.  Addison's team didn't do great, but Addison improved a ton.  She was hitting the ball and played 3rd & 1st base.  She enjoyed the season so much she decided to play softball for middle school this coming year.  Lucas' team went 10-2 in regular season.  Lucas started off not doing great.  Strikeout King around game 5.  Then something changed and he became amazing.  He went 14 out of 15 for awhile.  One of those was a HR.  Luke even pitched some this season.  He struck many kids out.  Lucas was picked for the All-Star team.  He was the 1st batter and played SS.  Owen's team struggled this season.  No wins.  Owen had a hard time hitting the ball but always went into BEAST MODE when playing 1st base.  My favorite memory of him this season was when he hit the ball maybe a foot away and it was a triple for him.  :-)  When the game was over he said, "Even the smallest hit can make the biggest difference."  Oh I just love that positive attitude he has. 

Throughout the years Kyle has always bought different training things for the kids to use.  I think by the time my kids graduate we can start a fitness center in our garage.  This season's purchase included: 
BSN Orange Throw Down Bases (5 piece), MacGregor Batting Tee, SKLZ Impact Balls - Heavy-Duty, long lasting limited flight mini training balls, and SKLZ Impact Balls - Heavy-Duty, long lasting limited flight training balls.  All items were wonderful except the MacGregor Bating Tee.  It broke at the first practice.  Kyle had to use electrical tape to fix it.  Not it bends and is just not right.  I think they use the BSN Orange Throw Down Bases the most.  Kyle and Luke use them a lot while Luke practices pitching.  Beats using spray paint in my lawn. 

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